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The Facilities

Come visit us and make use our wide array of equipment. We have punching bags, commercial grade cardio machines and our professional size ring. There's something here for everybody to help you reach your fitness goals.

Training Floor

Our open floor plan makes sure you have all the room you need to suit your workout. We an open section to jump rope or stretch out in. Commercial-grade cardio machines help you feel the burn when you want to push your workout to the next level.


Professional Ring

We have the only professional 20x20 foot ring in the area. Make use of this pristine ring to shadow box, do footwork and cone drills or the slip rope to take your boxing to the next level.

Jasper's Corner

Our front desk lets you conduct business in an organized fashion and doubles as a swift check in station for your classes. We are fully stocked with all your boxing needs.  Separate men's and women's ADA bathrooms and water fountains.

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